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Mexican Huatusco, Body Driven 12 oz.

Mexican Huatusco, Body Driven 12 oz.


VARIETY: Mainly Typica

AROMA: Deep chocolate & honey

BRIGHTNESS: Very subdued slight red apple with profound & resonant sweetness (much like you would expect in a tasty red apple)

FLAVOR: Milk chocolate, honey & sweet cream

BODY & FINISH: Very deep, heavy, rich, & especially creamy




We are really excited about this coffee! Although not characteristically complex, it's attributes are very profound. A great example of “less is more” in the cup, the body will blow you away--makes the best classic cold brew ever!


This coffee is grown around the town of Huatusco in the state of Veracruz near the Gulf of Mexico. The majority of the farmers are indigenous to the region as descendants of the ancient Olmecs -- many don’t even speak Spanish. The largest concentration of the Olmec civilization was in Veracruz and it’s one of the oldest cultures in the America’s dating back to 2600 BC. 

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