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Wild Earth Blend French Roast 12oz.

Wild Earth Blend French Roast 12oz.


VARIETY: Typica, Pacamara & Caturra

AROMA: Smoky & earthy with subtle hints of dark chocolate & cedar

FLAVOR: Earthy, rustic and pungent with distinctive dark chocolate & wild berry nuances

BODY & FINISH: Very rich & smooth with a syrupy mouthfeel & dark chocolate toned finish



Features rustic coffees grown by primitive cultures along the Indonesian Archipelago: Sumatra and East Timor.  This is a spicy coffee that draws full body from the tobacco-toned Sumatran coffee, (grown by the Mandheling tribe) and, from East Timor, a finish of slightly creamy, dark chocolate character, which plays especially well with the earthy tobacco notes (almost stout-like).  Although slightly different, you will probably like this blend if you are a Dark Horse fan.

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