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Panama Estate Medium Light Roast 12oz.

Panama Estate Medium Light Roast 12oz.


VARIETY: Bourbon

AROMA: Sweet caramel with peach tones

FLAVOR: A peach and lemony fruit-like sweetness 

BODY & FINISH: Medium depth with a smooth, sweet, cocoa-toned finish



Grown at high elevations in the sumptuously rich soil of Volcan Baru in Panama's Boquete region, near the Costa Rican border, this coffee is light-roasted to maintain its grapefruit-citrus brightness, while still imparting an incredible richness.  Smooth, creamy, and nutty with the sweetness of toffee, Panama smells like hot buttered toast when it's freshly ground just before brewing. And if you haven't tried this as coldbrew, you are missing out!


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